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The Company is focused on producing uranium in the United States, through the proven In-Situ Recovery (“ISR”) technology, to provide necessary fuel for the generation of clean, reliable, and carbon-free nuclear energy. In 2023, the Company commenced production at the Rosita ISR Uranium Central Processing Plant (“CPP”) in South Texas, becoming one of only three uranium producing operations in the United States and the first in Texas in ten years. In 2024, the Company commenced production at the South Texas Alta Mesa CPP becoming the only uranium producer in the United States with multiple production facilities in operation. enCore’s goal is to build production capacity to 3 million pounds of uranium yellowcake (“U3O8”) per year by 2026 and 5 million pounds of U3O8 per year by 2028.

Our Business:
A Production Strategy Built on Existing, Licensed, and Near-term ISR Uranium Projects

South Texas Production: Rosita CPP and Alta Mesa CPP in production

Only Company with multiple producing uranium facilities in the US - 3.6 million pounds capacity

Advanced Assets: US Production Pipeline

74.41 Mlbs - M&I category
26.48 Mlbs - Inferred category
41.17 Mlbs - Historic category

In-Situ Recovery: Uranium

Extraction process with proven economic advantages and minimal environmental impact

Industry-Leading Experts

Experienced management in ISR uranium development, production and sales

Uranium Sales Strategy

Supported by four uranium sales agreements while preserving exposure to the market

Other Assets & Investments

M&A strategy; non-core asset strategy; investing in new technology; exclusive database access

enCore Energy in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Why Nuclear Energy?

Nuclear energy is seen as a key source of clean, secure, and affordable energy. It is one of the most reliable sources of energy and provides 20% of all power in the US.

Investing in Our Youth, for a Brighter Future

enCore Energy inaugural Investor Day Presentation: Reducing US Dependence on Foreign Uranium

Uranium Price

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