Board of Directors

Board of Directors

William M. Sheriff, MSc


Mr. Sheriff, as the founder and Executive Chairman, has advanced the company from inception to a uranium producer with a multi-jurisdictional United States asset base.

Mr. Sheriff is an entrepreneur and visionary with over 40 years of  experience in the minerals industry and the securities industry, and has been responsible for significant capital raises along with corporate development. Mr. Sheriff was a pioneer in the uranium renaissance as co-founder and Chairman of Energy Metals Corp. and was responsible for compiling the largest domestic uranium resource base in US history before the company was acquired by Uranium One Corp for $1.8 Billion in 2007. With his in-depth understanding of the nuclear industry and market conditions, plus his knowledge of the financial markets, Mr. Sheriff is regarded as a leader and avid supporter of nuclear energy as a clean and reliable energy source for the United States.

Mr. Sheriff also has a significant interest in the gold exploration sector with personal and corporate gold exploration assets across the United States and Canada. He is a Director and co-founder of Group 11 Technologies Inc, a private company committed to the development and application of environmentally and socially responsible precious metals mineral extraction as an alternative to conventional mining methods. Mr. Sheriff holds a B.Sc. degree (Geology) from Fort Lewis College, Colorado and an MSc in Mining Geology from the University of Texas-El Paso. He has compiled one of the largest privately-held mining databases in the world, providing enCore with exclusive access to proprietary uranium projects.

Paul Goranson, MSc, PE


Mr. Goranson, through his 30+ year career, has taken the initial work in the field of in-situ recovery (ISR) technology and elevated commercial uranium production to a large scale.

He is an experienced executive with an impressive history in the uranium extraction industry, including building, renovating and operating a number of ISR facilities in the United States, including our Alta Mesa and Rosita ISR projects. Most recently, Mr. Goranson was the Chief Operating Officer for Energy Fuels Resources (USA) Inc., where he was responsible for the operations of the company’s conventional and in-situ recovery uranium projects, including Nichols Ranch and Alta Mesa ISR Projects. Mr. Goranson served as President, Chief Operating Officer and Director for Uranerz, where he was responsible for commissioning, operating and expanding the Nichols Ranch ISR Uranium Project. Mr. Goranson was President, Cameco Resources, the company that operated Cameco, Inc.’s U.S. ISR operations. Also, Mr. Goranson was Vice President of Mesteña Uranium LLC, where he led the construction, startup and operation of the Alta Mesa project which achieved over one million pounds of uranium production per year. His responsibilities included marketing uranium,  negotiating long-term uranium supply contracts and spot uranium sales with nuclear utilities . In addition to his experience with conventional and ISR uranium production, Mr. Goranson has extensive experience in uranium markets, Federal and State regulatory affairs and government policy.

Mr. Goranson has recently served as the President of the Uranium Producers of America, and as the President of the Wyoming Mining Association. He has served in leadership positions within the National Mining Association, Texas Mining and Reclamation Association, and the Nuclear Energy Institute. He currently serves on the Board of Brush Country Groundwater Conservation District located in South Texas. Mr. Goranson is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas, and he holds a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Natural Gas Engineering from Texas A&M University-Kingsville and Texas A& I University, respectively.

Dr. Dennis Stover, PhD


Dr. Stover, a co-inventor of in-situ recovery (ISR) technology that enCore uses exclusively in our processing plants, also holds numerous patents related to ISR applications.

He is a leading expert in in-situ metal recovery, with dozens of relevant technical publications. Dr. Stover commenced his work in ISR technology in Texas in the 1960s and now bears witness to the application of the technology, resulting in over 60% of worldwide uranium production.

Dr. Stover has a 40-year career focused on direct involvement with commercial uranium exploration, project development, and mining operations. Until his retirement in 2011, Dr. Stover previously served as Chief Executive Officer of enCore Energy; and before that as Executive Vice President, Americas for Uranium One, Inc. where he oversaw commercial development of Uranium One’s substantial U.S. uranium assets as well other uranium assets in the Americas. Previous to this position, he served as Chief Operating Office for Energy Metals Corporation (EMC) and was instrumental in advancing its US assets prior to its sale to Uranium One, Inc. Dr. Stover holds BSE, MSE, and PhD degrees in Chemical Engineering from The University of Michigan as well as a BA in Chemistry from Kalamazoo College. He has co-authored three IAEA Guidebooks and Manuals related to both Acidic and Alkaline Uranium ISR technology and is the author of six United States Patents concerning various aspect of in-situ recovery of uranium and reservoir restoration. Dr. Stover is a member of numerous professional societies.

Richard M. Cherry, MSc, PE


Mr. Cherry is a veteran executive of the nuclear industry, having worked for several leading companies in the areas of uranium mining, production, conversion, marketing, and power generation operations for 40 years.

He is currently employed as a consultant to the uranium mining industry. Mr. Cherry previously served as President and CEO of Cotter Corporation and Nuclear Fuels Corporation, both affiliates of General Atomics Corporation. Mr. Cherry was responsible for all aspects of Cotter’s mining and milling operations in Colorado, including uranium and vanadium ores, with over 200 employees. His participation in Nuclear Fuels Corporation made him responsible for the worldwide uranium marketing efforts for all General Atomics’ affiliates. Mr. Cherry holds an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Wichita State University and a B.S. in Engineering Physics from the University of Oklahoma. He holds a US patent in the area of minerals production and has made presentations to industry groups and government agencies.

Mark Pelizza, MSc, CPG


Mr. Pelizza has spent 45 years in the uranium industry with project experience including the Alta Mesa, Benavides, Kingsville Dome, Longoria, Palangana, Rosita, West Cole and the Vasquez projects, all in Texas.

He was also responsible for the permitting and licensing of the Church Rock, Crownpoint, and Unit 1 projects in New Mexico and the North Platte project in Wyoming. Currently, Mr. Pelizza is the Principal of M.S. Pelizza & Associates LLC,  where he represents extractive industry clients. He previously served as Sr. Vice President of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs with Uranium Resources, Inc. He has also previously worked with Union Carbide Corp. Mr. Pelizza received his B.S. in Geology from Fort Lewis College and his M.S. in Geological Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. He is a licensed Professional Geoscientist in Texas and a Certified Professional Geologist with the American Institute of Professional Geologists. He is the Past Chairman of the Texas Mining and Reclamation Association and the Past Chairman of the Uranium Producers of America.

William B. Harris, MBA


Mr. Harris is a partner in Solo Management Group, LLC, an investment and management consulting partnership. 

He was previously a board member of Energy Metals Corporation, Chairman and Executive Committee member of the American Fiber Manufacturers Association, and President and Chief Executive Officer of Hoechst Fibers Worldwide, the global acetate and polyester business of Hoechst AG. At Hoechst Fibers Worldwide, Mr. Harris managed the business’ $5 billion operation, comprised of 21,000 employees and production locations in 14 different countries. Harris is currently a Director of Scandium International Mining Corp.  Mr. Harris is a graduate of Harvard College, BA in English, and Columbia University Graduate School of Business, MBA in finance.

Susan Hoxie-Key, MSc, PE


Ms. Hoxie-Key is a proven nuclear industry leader, with more than 40 years of engineering experience covering nuclear core design, nuclear fuel-related licensing, nuclear fuel procurement, oversight of nuclear fuel-related engineering products, and direct support of reactor operations.

She worked for Southern Nuclear Operating Company (SNC) for 31 years, where she directed and conducted complex multi-disciplinary projects involving in-reactor fuel performance, fuel procurement, fuel-related licensing, and core design. She also served as the SNC lead for nuclear industry efforts to increase the uranium enrichment limit above 5 weight percent and to increase the current licensed fuel burnup limit. Ms. Hoxie-Key was a 2008 winner of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) Oestmann Achievement Award for technical achievement in the fields of nuclear science, engineering, research, or education. She has also held numerous nuclear industry leadership roles across the years, including Chairman of the World Nuclear Fuel Market (WNFM) Board of Governors between June 2016 and June 2018, and member of the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) Accident Tolerant Fuel Safety Benefits and Licensing Task Forces. Ms. Hoxie-Key earned her bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering from Mississippi State University and her master’s degree in nuclear engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. She is a registered Professional Engineer in Alabama and Georgia.