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Committed to American uranium development and production.

enCore Energy is the most diversified In-Situ Recovery uranium development company in the United States and recently announced it entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Alta Mesa In-Situ Recovery uranium project (the “Transaction”). The Transaction will position enCore as a leading US-focused ISR uranium company with the proven management expertise required to advance multiple production opportunities within its portfolio.  enCore is focused on becoming the next uranium producer from its licensed and past-producing South Texas Rosita Processing Plant by 2023. The South Dakota-based Dewey-Burdock project and the Wyoming Gas Hills project offer mid-term production opportunities, with significant New Mexico uranium resource endowments providing long-term opportunities. The enCore team is led by industry experts with extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of ISR uranium operations and the nuclear fuel cycle. enCore is committed to engaging and working with local communities and indigenous governments to create positive impact from corporate developments.


A Proven Track Record in
the Uranium Sector

Clear Focus

Clear focus, strategy and asset base to become the premier ISR uranium production company in the United States

Quick Path to Market

“ISR First” approach to achieve early financial success and operational leverage, quick and low cost path to market

Experienced Team

Our team members dominated the last uranium cycle by building and operating the Mesteña, Texas ISR facility and advancing Energy Metals to +$1.8 billion acquisition by Uranium One

Global Improvement

Improving global uranium market fundamentals and a national focus on reinvigorating all aspects of the U.S. nuclear fuel cycle supply chain

Strategy Position

Two licensed processing plants in Texas, two of only 11 licensed in the US

Ready to Advance

Both NI 43-101 and Historic Mineral Resources in New Mexico. Historic Mineral Resources in Texas. Exploration assets in Wyoming USA

Perfectly positioned for
long-term growth.

enCore’s initial opportunities are created from our licensed and past-producing South Texas Rosita Central ISR production facilities, with plans to expand feed from multiple satellite projects. The changing global uranium supply/demand outlook combined with a need for the expansion of nuclear energy provides opportunities for enCore. Our advanced staged Dewey Burdock project and the Gas Hills project add to the large uranium resource endowments in New Mexico, creating an outstanding asset base for long term growth and development opportunities.


Rosita & South Texas Faciliities

Designed to process feed from multiple satellite operations, current facility refurbishment and upgrade work projected for completion by Q2 2023.


Dewey Burdock Project

The 100% owned Dewey Burdock Uranium Project is located in South Dakota’s Edgemont Uranium District.


Gas Hills Project

The 100% owned project is located in the historic Gas Hills uranium district situated 45 miles east of Riverton, Wyoming.


Crownpoint & Hosta Butte Project

Large sandstone-hosted uranium deposits with potential for low cost In-Situ Recovery (ISR) extraction.


In-Situ Recovery (ISR)

enCore Energy and its team of industry experts are focused on advancing In-Situ Recovery (‘ISR’) uranium operations. ISR technology is utilized at the Company’s Texas production facilities, resulting in a lower cost and environmentally friendly method of uranium extraction.


The Benefits of Nuclear

Nuclear power—the nation’s largest source of carbon-free electricity—is an essential part of the U.S. clean energy portfolio. Nuclear generates nearly 20 percent of U.S. electricity and nearly 55 percent of our emissions-free generation, more than all other sources combined.





In-Situ Recovery.
The lower cost and environmentally friendly
method of uranium extraction.


The Latest News

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January 25, 2023
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January 24, 2023
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November 29, 2022
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It is pure nonsense to think that you can run a modern energy intensive society without the ability to control the power source. We are going back to the 1600's when getting becalmed at sea (no wind) was a matter of life and death for sailors.
November 28, 2022
Tweet From enCore Energy Corp.
“The Achilles heel of wind and solar is provision of adequate storage, at reasonable cost, of power not needed in the middle of the day, but needed when the sun is not shining and/or the wind is not blowing.” $EU $ENCUF #uranium #nuclear

1 Mineral resource estimates are based on technical reports prepared pursuant to NI 43-101 and available on SEDAR as well as company website at www.encoreuranium.com