United States-Focused: Uranium Projects

enCore Energy Corp. is focused on becoming the leading domestic producer of uranium in the United States. We will utilize the proven in-situ recovery technology (ISR) to provide fuel for the generation of clean, reliable and carbon-free energy. It is our goal to build our company’s production capacity to 3 million pounds U3O8 per year in 3 years and 5 million pounds U3O8 per year in 5 years.

enCore’s Production Pipeline

Our Objectives

Focus on Production-Ready Assets

Utilizing our production-ready central ISR Central Processing Plants (CPP) in South Texas, we have created a strategy for the creation of value and phased growth to meet an ever-growing need for nuclear energy in the United States. Our plan to start production in 2023 is a key objective in executing our strategy. We are focused on a long-term strategy of being a vital component of the nuclear industry, an industry poised for growth for the first time in over 45 years.

Application of In-Situ Recovery (ISR) Technical Expertise

The enCore team is led by industry experts with extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of ISR uranium operations and the nuclear fuel cycle. The safety of our people and the environment is essential to our operations, and we remain solely focused on ISR technology to produce uranium as a proven effective and environmentally responsible technology.

Providing Growth and Value to Shareholders

We have demonstrated through three significant transactions since December 2020 that we can drive growth and provide value for our shareholders through select, accretive merger and acquisition (M&A) opportunities as well as from organic growth from existing assets. We believe that the catalyst created by the commencement of production at multiple facilities will provide further value to our shareholders as we will join a select group of peers with established uranium production.

Reducing Risk to Shareholders and Operations

We operate in safe, business-friendly jurisdictions with clear regulatory environments in order to predictably advance a balanced pipeline of established projects to production.

Implementing a Non-Core Asset Divestment Strategy

We have demonstrated the ability to derive value for our shareholders from our non-core assets using different approaches to divestment. We maintain a number of non-core conventional projects that are available for acquisition.

Acting with Fiscal Responsibility and Strong Governance

We have a skilled Board of Directors and an experienced management team with strong corporate governance values. We work to ensure that our costs are as low as practicable while being able to leverage our assets to provide value to our shareholders. We assess supply chain risks to ensure that we are able to obtain critical components in a manner sufficient to sustain our strategy. We have supply agreements with established trading partners that include nuclear utilities and have negotiated sales terms to assure that we receive an effective return on investment when considering capital, operating and overhead costs.